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Saudi Aramaco: Human Rights come second to profits

We hear a lot of talk from financial firms about environmental, social and governance investing (ESG). Yet Saudi Aramaco owned by the repressive Saudi government has issued one of the most successful bond deals ever. Saudi Aramaco was looking to raise $10 billion but got more than $100 billion in bids so ended up deciding … Continue reading

Anti-semitic smears: Corbyn hits back at last

  At last! Jeremy Corbyn has finally gone on the offensive after suffering weeks of false accusations of antisemitism leveled at him over his support for Palestinian rights. On Monday night Corbyn slammed Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who had attacked him for appearing at the grave of a Palestinian fighter. Netanyahu said Corbyn deserved … Continue reading

Syria speaks out against State sponsored terrorism

The issue of State sponsored terrorism, the foreign support of fanatical extremists, has jumped straight to the top of the international agenda following Saturday’s massacre of nearly 300 civilians. In letters to the UN secretary-general and the head of the security council, the Syrian Foreign Ministry charged that terrorist organisations still receive support from countries … Continue reading

Saudis host terrorists and meddle in Syria

Saudi Arabia has been hosting a gathering of Syrian rebel groups, including terrorists, in the capital Riyadh. Extremists from Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham had been invited while Kurdish militias and opposition parties in Syria’s parliament were excluded. Ahrar al-Sham, later withdrew from the conference to try to unite the factions fighting against the Syrian … Continue reading

The Wahhabi Jihad

By Yahya Smith “This Wahhabi version of Sunni Islam… is a huge threat to Britain and the British people because it’s popular and very well-funded… particularly by the Saudi Arabians. Where do we go from here? First of all stop winding up real hard liners to recruit… by getting out of their countries and stop … Continue reading

Foreign intervention in Bahrain – but not on the side of the protestors

It’s interesting to contrast the attitude of our Political Class toward Bahrain and Libya. Our ConDem coalition is gung ho to interfere in Libya, advocating arming rebels and intervening militarily with talk of no-fly zones and possible bombing. Yet on Bahrain they remain curiously silent. The small kingdom with an increasingly alienated Shia majority has … Continue reading

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