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How Far Should The State Go?

LAST MONTH we featured a pre-publication e-poster. It advertised issue 6 of British Worker. It’s the bi-monthly paper of Solidarity Trade Union. That issue is out now and – for an agitprop publication – it’s thought-provoking stuff. What really caught our eye was the suggestion that the Government (i.e. the State) should do more to … Continue reading

Devon Worker, Katharine Birbalsingh and a Solidarity Educational Trust?

THE THIRD WAY THINK TANK welcomes the recent publication of Devon Worker ‘the voice of Solidarity Trade Union in Devon’. Devon Worker represents the first – in what promises to be a whole raft – of national, regional and trade-based publications. According to the Solidarity web-site, other agitprop publications are in the pipeline: “It’s looking … Continue reading

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