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Anas Sarwar: a friend of the workers?

Anas Sarwar has has hit back at his critics who highlighted a family business that employs workers on poverty pay and did not recognise unions. The business paid workers below the living wage. UWS offers £7.50 per hour for a 45-hour week, less than the £8.45 generally demanded by living wage and anti-poverty campaigners Sarwar … Continue reading

Allowancegate: Salmond's £130k Westminster claim

Scottish First Minister was at the Hosue of Commons six times and voted 18 times since he took up his job in May. Yet Mr Salmond has claimed £130,364.33 in expenses since April last year. Mr Salmond is also the MP for Banff and Buchan.   The figures show that Mr Salmond claimed £13,988.98 renting … Continue reading

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