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British Worker No. 3

British Worker No. 3 is now available. It is the magazine of the UK Trade Union Solidarity. Solidarity is an inclusive Nationalist Union open to all. British Worker No. 3 –

Dumb and dumber – Labour and Tories on cuts

The depressing NuLab conference promised cuts in public services and sought to ensure those with little paid for the bankers’ crisis. Now the Tories are bidding to show that they will make ordinary workers pay an even higher price. Shadow chancellor George Osborne made a conference speech focused on public spending cuts, including a one-year … Continue reading

Proposed BNP teaching ban condemned

The proposal, now being considered by the Government, to ban BNP members from the classroom been attacked by various liberal/libertarian groups. Ed Balls announced at the Labour Party conference an investigation into “racism in schools” and whether members of the British National Party (BNP) should be banned from teaching. Although supported by Conference delegates (of … Continue reading

Solidarity Union calls for more public holidays

The independent Trade Union Solidarity is calling for a Public Holiday to mark Armistice Day. Solidarity General Secretary Patrick Harrington said: – “Workers in the UK do longer hours than the average Continental worker and they get fewer public holidays. Britain presently has 8 public holidays comparing badly to 11 in Germany, 12 in Italy … Continue reading

Solidarity Trade Union

Solidarity is a Trade Union that stands up for British Workers. It welcomes members from all trades and professions. It refuses to vet members on political grounds and opposes discrimination by employers. It opposes non-unionised migrant labour and offshoring. Open to all it provides a refreshing Nationalist alternative to the TUC affiliates.

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