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A clear military victory is likely in Syria

It’s a bitter pill for our establishment to swallow but there is now the real prospect that the Syrian government of President Assad will gain a clear military victory. Russian air power is “allowing Assad forces to advance against previously formidable foes,” said Jennifer Cafarella, Syria analyst at the Washington-based Institute for Study of War. … Continue reading

Syria speaks out against State sponsored terrorism

The issue of State sponsored terrorism, the foreign support of fanatical extremists, has jumped straight to the top of the international agenda following Saturday’s massacre of nearly 300 civilians. In letters to the UN secretary-general and the head of the security council, the Syrian Foreign Ministry charged that terrorist organisations still receive support from countries … Continue reading

Russia claims it can prove Erdogan’s Isis Oil Link

Russia claimed Wednesday to have proof that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s (pictured) family profits from the illegal oil trade with Islamic State (Isis). The Defence Ministry presented a large file of evidence to dozens of foreign military attaches and hundreds of journalists at a conference in Moscow. Officials produced aerial and satellite photographs showing … Continue reading

Cut the oil, cut the funds, cut the terror

There was an important meeting between French President Francois Hollande and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow last Thursday. They were discussing co-operation in the fight against Isis, which was behind the Paris terrorist attacks that killed 130 people. The two leaders agreed that cutting off Isis oil smuggling to Turkey was a priority. … Continue reading

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