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Havering Council back leaving the EU

Havering Council in east London has become the first publicly elected body in the UK to back leaving the European Union. An alliance of Ukip, Conservative and independent councillors voted by 30 to 15 in favour of a motion declaring the UK would be better off outside the EU. The UKIP group leader on the … Continue reading

Anti-UKIP song released

A powerful but amusing song with a serious message. Down with UKIP and their Tory agenda!

UKIP are telling lies about their policies

UKIP is under pressure. It has been dogged with claims of ‘racism’ and criticised for advocating policies including privatisation of the UK National Health Service and scrapping employment rights. Opponents including Labour, the Greens and the British National Party have put UKIP policies under close scrutiny. Trade Union groups like Unions Together and individual Unions … Continue reading

Ukip: Who pays the piper?

There is an old saying: ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune”. When looking at the underlying agenda of Ukip we should start by asking “who pays the Ukip piper?”. Then we will have a good idea what ‘tune’ they are likely to play! If Ukip (or any party) want to be an alternative … Continue reading

Beware UKIP Thatcherites

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has surged in support, most recently in the 28 February Eastleigh by-election where it won 11,571 votes — 27.8%, an increase of 24%, and enough to beat the Tories into third place. Last year, in the Croydon North by-election, UKIP polled 1,400 votes, an increase of 4%. In Rotherham, … Continue reading

Beware UKIP Zionists

The rise of UKIP should be of serious concern to real Nationalists. UKIP are riding high in the polls, capitalising on the disillusionment and cynicism that many feel towards the LibLabCon. Disenchantment with the corrupt, extravagant and unaccountable EU continues to grow and UKIP is targeting local (county council) elections this year, hoping to win … Continue reading

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