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Law and Order used to be a Tory battle-cry guaranteed to get the “Hang’em and Flog’em!” brigade orgasmically stomping in the aisles at their annual Conference. But figures recently released by Interpol show that in England and Wales total crimes increased from 2.68 million to 4.54 million over the decade — a rise of 67 per cent. Figures released by the Home Office recorded a 16 per cent rise over 1990, which took the total number to 5.3 million.

Note that a 1983 Home Office projection foresaw a 1993 crime rate of 4.2 million — a figure actually passed in 1990! May we point out that since 1978-79 the size of the Police establishment has risen by 15% and expenditure, in real terms, rose by 55%. Police pay showed a 29% real rise. What new initiatives to reverse this crime-rate trend can we expect from the establishment politicians? None that have any relevance.

Their Police State of the future is all about controlling, not protecting or serving, the public….


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