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Solidarity Union calls for abandonment of Conference 18/01/08

The independent British Trade Union Solidarity is calling on RMT, AMICUS & GMB Union members to demand that the forthcoming Conference against Immigration Controls be abandoned.

The conference planned to take place in March aims to get Trade Unions to campaign against immigration controls.

Solidarity General Secretary Patrick Harrington said, “Some out-of-touch Union bureaucrats are taking the Marxist slogan “Workers of the world unite!” too literally by campaigning for the abandonment of immigration controls. By increasing the supply of labour they will assist the bosses in holding down wages here. Such a move is certainly in the interests of big business but not workers here. British workers are already being squeezed between off-shoring and migrant labour. This Conference shows that some Unions are pursuing political agendas, which don’t reflect the interests of the rank and file.

Surely the main function of a trade union is to specifically defend the interests of its members? The leadership of these unions is pursuing extreme political, rather than Trade Union, objectives. “We call upon members of the Union’s concerned to call for its abandonment.”


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