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from the National Liberal Party Executive

National Liberals believe that the personal liberty of a nation’s citizens is vital and that this freedom is best preserved within the framework of a democratic nation state. A National Liberal will therefore support measures protecting and promoting personal liberty, greater democracy and national independence.

The two main achievements of the 19th century were the proliferation of Nation States and Civil liberties. Today these achievements are under threat.

Supra-national bodies such as the European Union seek to destabilise existing nation states whilst ‘Globalisation’ is undermining national interests, by rapidly increasing the movement of people and capital around the world in the interests of Big business.

Personal liberties are being restricted in an increasingly regulated ‘surveillance society’. ‘Big Brother’ Governments are beginning to intrude into many aspects of citizen’s lives e.g. Public Order Acts, ID Cards and political correctness, without any appreciable benefit i.e. winning any so-called war on crime/terror.

Whilst we can identify the threats to our freedoms and identity we also have a clear idea of the principles that underpin a healthy society. We use these principles in guiding us in determining policy:

1. Protect the political and civic freedoms of the individual
2. Promote Direct Democracy, including greater use of referenda
3. Support the Decentralisation of power to the lowest practical level(s) i.e. ‘subsidiarity’
4. Support the widespread ownership of property, both business and personal
5. Support for the ‘Third’ economic sector i.e. the independent Small Trader, Self-Employed and Co-operative
6. Preservation of the nation state
7. Recognising the importance of the Family, Community and Nation as building blocks that construct a healthy and stable society whilst accepting those who choose a different lifestyle or outlook
8. Support measures to keep the land and environment Green and Pleasant.



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