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The 'Race' for the Presidency

British media outlets have been deluging us with stories about the ‘race’ for the US presidential nominations. In particular the contest in the Primaries between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama to be the Democratic candidate has been talked-up. The truth is though that whichever one wins globalist policies will continue: threats of war with Iran, support for the North American Union and possibly a Pan-American Union – with a policy of ‘vigorous engagement’ with Latin America, and continued political and financial concessions to Israel. The neo-liberal economic agenda will also continue as normal.

The thin veil covering the indistinguishable differences between the two major parties and their candidates has all but disappeared. Ron Paul is the only candidate that comes with no strings attached and is genuinely independent.

Paul’s popular and simple message of freedom is spreading, while the US establishment uses its media to generate interest in and support for their ever more unpopular candidates from an ever more sceptical American public.


One thought on “The 'Race' for the Presidency

  1. Hear, Hear. Obama seems to be slightly less of a warmonger than Ms Clinton. She voted for the Iraq war. She supported the war against Serbia. She supports stoking up hostility against Iran. She wants to intervene in Sudan. She makes excuses for torture. He’s a bit more reticent about it. Apart from this – with the honorable exception of Ron Paul – all the candidates support the Imperial Presidency and all the hubristic guff about the USA being the world’s indispensible nation.

    Posted by David Kerr | February 11, 2008, 9:04 pm

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