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The music of Sol Invictus has its roots in industrial music, but most of their music is more harmonic than avant-garde, which makes it sound more gothic in style, although it remains unique. Sol Invictus are Tony Wakeford, who plays most of the instruments and writes the songs, aided by several other musicians. The music of the group remains quite simple and this gives space to concentrate on the lyric.

Most of the lyrics deal with the dark side to ourselves, the contradictions and extremes of personality and in general explore the inner human landscape. They remind us of what we forget so easily and reveal that to ignore this dark-side is to repress part of our nature which nonetheless influences our thought and behaviour. Accepting our nature in its entirety makes it possible to control and to judge from a more objective standpoint.

The lyrics of Wakeford focus on what influences peoples minds most, now and in history, subjects such as love, death, money,power and religion. Wakeford seeks to uncover influences on our lives and the ways in which people are manipulated by others. Therefore, Christianity comes in for criticism, because in their view the Christians in supplanting (absorbing?) the pagan beliefs and therefore cut people off from their heritage. Examples of this criticism are present in such songs as Kneel to the Cross, Black Easter and Angels Fall.

The Sol Invictus albums so far are Against the Modern World, In the Jaws of the Serpent and Lex Talionis. A new album Trees in Winter has just been released.

There is constant development in the music of Sol Invictus, and from album to album music gains in originality. The music of the group is not, perhaps, what you play at a party, but is nevertheless enjoyable and if you like interesting and thought-provoking music do give it a try. The world is full of Gods and Beasts, and there is both in us all.

— Karsten

For More Information, write to:- BM SOL, London, WC1N 3XX


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