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What is Happening in Kosovo

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The war in Kosovo is considerably more complex and far-reaching than the mass-media and politicians tend to make out. There’s a historical dimension to the conflict, and a great deal of propaganda, claim and counter-claim; plus a strong argument that the whole thing is essentially a matter of global power-politics and business in which the Kosovars are merely convenient regional pawns.

On the web, there are numerous sites with information on the Balkan situation, but it can be a daunting task to find which ones will offer serious insights — especially as most sites will lean towards a particular side (of which there are more than just two…).

So where might one start looking in an effort to evaluate all perspectives, to understand what is going on and why, rather than simply taking the word of one media source or political spin-doctor?

One nicely designed site is unusual in that it actually tries to be fair….

What is Happening in Kosovo offers links and guides to enhance your understanding the conflict. It does not try to tell you what to think.

It is created by Pela, an Irish-American who says :

My politics, while generally liberal, usually avoid knee jerk liberalism. I like to do my own thinking and have a deep distrust of recieved knowledge. My father calls it an inability to learn from others mistakes. I call it independence of thought.

Links to other sites include those of the UN, NATO, Yugoslavia and Serbia (including the independent server at beograd.com), Kosova Republic, KLA, and a main server in Albania.

Likewise listed are the various news organisations’ websites, including Voice of Russia; to listen to radiocasts you will need to have the Real Player or Real Audio plugins for your web browser (these are free, with links to download them if necessary). Relief agencies such as the Red Cross, Islamic Relief, Serb Aid and Medicines Sans Frontieres are also featured.

What is Happening in Kosovo is user-friendly, informative, and in my view well worth a visit.


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