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British Sikh, Pramjit Sadra , has spoken out in favour of the independent nationalist Trade Union Solidarity. He sees it as being the only Union that will protect its’ British members, of whatever colour or background, against cheap migrant labour and off-shoring of jobs. This is his statement:-

“As an ordinary working person in Great Britain born in the UK to Indian parents I have seen over the years the culture of employment change. I have worked for around 25 years in various jobs and recently ran a convenience store for 12 years. Most recently I have been aware of the shift of work away from ordinary British people which I feel undermines our communities. The shift towards cheap migration workers and off-shoring, if allowed to continue will totally change the face of this Nation. The effects have already been felt by many in the UK losing work to cheaper labour or suppressing wages, which does not affect just one individual but their immediate family and children, extended family and the communities they have long been part of. We are at best an over crowded Nation that cannot sustain the influx of many Nationalities without the infrastructure to employ, house and integrate into our communities. Furthermore there is no recognition of the impact of importing cultures, including those with a violent/aggressive way of life, upon settled communities. My personal opinion is that this matter is not addressed for fear of political correctness and fear of being labelled a racist. However if this remains the case the real issue will never be addressed. This fear of adhering to rules and regulations wrapped in PC, set down by people in positions of power (in Government both local and National) only works towards a system of divide and rule whereby they (the authorities) can promote their own benefits whilst pillaging the ordinary people of this Nation. Since existing Unions are not protecting their members interests because of PC I urge British workers, both black and white, to join one that will, namely Solidarity.”


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