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GTC DATA LOSS – Heads must roll!

data-loss-ceos-should-go-to-jailThe news that the General Teaching Council (GTC) has ‘mislaid’ the personal details of thousands of teachers records has angered the autonomous trade union Solidarity.

The GTC admitted that discs had been lost whilst in transit and has apologised to teachers. It claims that it will now strengthen security measures.

Adam Walker, President of the Solidarity Trade Union, said however:-

“A mere apology is not enough. They put an important and sensitive disc into a clearly insecure Courier system. The buck stops with the Chair of the GTC Judy Moorhouse. She is ultimately responsible and should do the decent thing and resign. Our Union will be considering taking this matter further if she refuses to accept her responsibilities.”

“As a teacher and a member of the GTC I take the loss of my personal data and the failure of the GTC to keep personal information secure very seriously.”



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