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Support for Adam Walker demo at GTC


Make a noise for freedom! 17 November 2008

Third Way today gave backing to the protest outside the General Teaching Council (GTC) on November 17, 2008.

The demonstration has been called by Civil Liberty. The GTC is currently attacking freedom of expression by charging teacher Adam Walker with expressing views ‘suggestive of racial and religious intolerance’ on the Internet.

The Third Way opposes the political vetting of teachers and other manifestations of the New McCarthyism. We would support Communists and people of any other political persuasion being mistreated in this way. Precedents set persecuting individual members of the British National Party will be used to harass others later.

That is the lesson of history.

We call on all liberty lovers to get behind the demo and make a noise for freedom!

Special Instructions:
The theme of the protest is ‘Make a noise for freedom’. We would like you to bring drums, whistles, bells etc. If you play a musical instrument bring it along. Let’s show that freedom of expression is alive and well in our Country!


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