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Obama deserves support for health-care reform

Barack_ObamaUS President Barack Obama appealed to trade unions on Labour Day to help him win the health-care fight in Congress. At a speech in Cincinnati at an AFL-CIO gathering on Monday he accused vested interests of trying to thwart his attempts to bring health care to all US citizens.

Opposition to health care reforms has come from the reactionary Right. In the UK we have been amazed at the spectacle of Fox News portraying our own National Health Service as some kind of nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, the NHS is not perfect but it is a tremendous institution with dedicated, caring staff. Fox News has also sought to portray any State involvement in Healthcare as akin to State Socialism!

So vociferous has the opposition been that it is rumoured that Barack is now considering a compromise proposal. It is said that he is now deciding whether to propose a formula to create a network of non-profit health care co-operatives in lieu of a new government system. The proposal by Senate Democrats calls for the new plan to be financed, in part, by a new tax on so-called “Cadillac” health-care plans that are a luxurious fringe benefit for American corporate executives.

The US healthcare system is badly in need of reform. Barack is right to tackle the issue.


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