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Muslim statement on 'EDL' welcomed

The Third Way has welcomed the measured and responsible reaction from Manchester Muslims to a provocative demonstration. The so-called English Defence League is mounting an anti-Islamic protest in the city on October 10. Infantile Leftists are also intent on bringing confrontation to the streets and hoped to use Muslims to swell their ranks and unwittingly support their Marxist agenda.

The far-Left falsely seeks to link the ‘EDL’ with Nationalist parties in this country. Yet the ‘EDL’ has been condemned by all mainstream Nationalists. In the most recent development the British National Party condemned them as a “state honey-trap” and warned its members that they would be disciplined if they offered any support to the false flag operation. The Third Way has already condemned their demonstration against Palestinians in London. We view the fact that they seek to make common cause with Zionists and are promoted by the likes of the Daily Star with deep suspicion. Further we wonder why the State protects them and allows them to flout the law (such as the prohibition on the wearing of political uniforms in the Public Order Act of 1936). Whose game is being played-out here?

1864f is set to issue guidance to all mosques and Islamic centres in the area on Friday 9th October telling anti-EDL demonstrators to keep away because their presence “may only serve to undermine the image of Muslims as a law-abiding and peaceful people.”

The CoMM is to advise ‘anti-fascist’ supporters that “well-intentioned individuals may inadvertently be provoked into violence with the far right protestors”.

“As such we consider it unwise to attend any counter protests that are organised and strongly recommend all people and organisations to stay away. All people are reminded to act to challenge anti Islamic propaganda in an intelligent and peaceful manner.”

We’re not sure how “well-intentioned” some of those traveling to confront the EDL are. To us they seem like the mirror image of the EDL. No community will benefit from such confrontation. All those who seek to bring conflict to our streets should be shunned and condemned. CoMM has shown great wisdom in this matter. If any good can come of this it does show that dialogue may be possible between different cultural, political and religious groups in our community. Let’s hope that this message is heard above the clamour of the extremists.


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