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General Election 2010

As a ‘Think-Tank’ Third Way will not be standing candidates in the General Election (we will of course support candidates of the political wing we help sponsor – The National Liberal Party).

However, we recognise that this an important election that is likely to set the political tone of the country for the next five years. We don’t particularly care which party forms the next Government although we are sympathetic to the opposition to ID cards by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties (shame about some of their other policies!). Whilst the Liberal Democrats should be closer to our way of thinking e.g. on the surveillance society, on Big Brother Government, decentralisation, small shops, electoral reform (including greater use of referendums) they are not. Whilst maintaining some of their beliefs in political and civil liberties, so often they have strayed into being on the side of the ‘oppressor’ e.g. on Europe, on political bans etc.
In this election therefore we shall not be campaigning as such FOR a party (other than the NLP) but against the party that has done the most damage to our civil liberties and have begun to create a ‘Big Brother’ apparatus, namely the Labour Party (Government).
As a registered Third Party (no pun intended!) we are at liberty to campaign in the election and as such have written a hard hitting leaflet against Labour. The leaflet in particular demolishes Gordon Brown’s naked exploitation of the phrase ‘British Jobs for British Workers’. Despite the slogan, Labour ensured that many new jobs went to migrant labour thus increasing unemployment and reducing wages.
Unfortunately, Labours friends in the Trade Unions were too busy defending a failed Government than fighting for their members’ rights. Thus the leaflet suggests that British workers should a) Join a Trade Union not in league with the Labour Party, namely the Solidarity Trade Union www.solidaritytradeunion.net and b) to vote for anyone but Labour!
If anyone is interested in purchasing hundreds of these leaflets e-mail thirdwaycentre@aol.com


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