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National Liberal Party Update

THE National Liberal Party has recently fully overhauled and upgraded its web-site.  This upgrade represents a vast improvement on the old one.

The new site is really vibrant – the selective use of the colour Orange is striking to say the very least!  It really makes the site stand out from the rest.  And the clear, fresh new look incorporates new features like a Facebook link.

One of the most recent posts on the site includes an excellent review of what looks to be a fascinating book, Liberals in schism – A history of the National Liberal Party by David Dutton.

This book looks at the establishment of the Liberal Nationals (LN) headed by Sir John Simon in the early 1930s.  According to the review, the Liberal Nationals were formed because

“In 1930′s Britain the Parliamentary Liberal Party was divided over the measures they believed were required to govern a Britain rocked by a world depression.  A minority had come to believe that protectionist measures, contrary to Liberal dogma in favour of Free Trade, were now necessary to save British workers jobs.”

The LNs (or National Liberals as they became known) continued in some form or other until the late 1960s. 

The review highlights the historical importance of Liberals in schism when it notes:

“This book (ISBN: 9781845116675) is a valuable contribution to any study of that ‘alternative’ Liberal tradition – patriotic, ‘politically’ liberal, consensual and preference for the economically independent.  Today we believe it can flourish best outside the Liberal (Democratic) Party via an alternative one, the National Liberals.”

This sentiment is reflected in the sub-title of the National Liberal Party – Liberty, Independence, Democracy. 

The NLP represents an interesting – and intriguing – combination of two classical  ideological trends: Nationalism and Liberalism.  Indeed the NLP states:

“National Liberals believe that the personal liberty of a nation’s citizens is vitally important and that this freedom is best preserved within the framework of a democratic nation state. A National Liberal will therefore support measures protecting and promoting personal liberty, greater democracy and national independence.”

The Third Way Think Tank feels that the National Liberal Party has got it right with its combination of Nationalism and Liberalism.  To us, it’s possibly the best (or even the only way?) to preserve national and individual freedom. 

To view the new National Liberal Party site go to: www.nationalliberal.org

NOTE:  It’s well-known that the Third Way Think Tank sponsors the National Liberal Party.  However, we’re interested in co-operating with all groups and individuals who are working towards broadly similar goals to ourselves. 

3W is dedicated to creating a society based on Justice, Community and Individual freedom against one that is based on Greed, Globalisation and Tyranny.”


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