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Updates on the National Liberal Party and the National-Anarchist Movement

IN EARLY October last year we reported that the National Liberal Party had fully overhauled and upgraded its web-site. (1)  This upgrade – incorporating the selective use of the colour Orange – really made it stand out from the rest.

One of the articles used to launch the new site included an excellent review of a book by David Dutton called Liberals in schism – A history of the National Liberal Party by.

It traced the formation of the Liberal Nationals (LN) headed by Sir John Simon in the early 1930s.  They were formed because

“In 1930′s Britain the Parliamentary Liberal Party was divided over the measures they believed were required to govern a Britain rocked by a world depression.  A minority had come to believe that protectionist measures, contrary to Liberal dogma in favour of Free Trade, were now necessary to save British workers jobs.”

The LNs (or National Liberals as they became known) continued in some form or other until the late 1960s.

It could be argued that the NLP are the heirs to the Liberal Nationals/National Liberals.  Indeed, we noted that the NLP “represents an interesting – and intriguing – combination of two classical ideological trends: Nationalism and Liberalism.”

The site (2) has since gone from strength to strength.  New articles are appearing all the time – the vast majority dealing with the NLPs core values of civil liberties, democratic reform and national independence.  However, other subjects covered include upcycling, the ending of EU corruption, supporting small businesses, promoting the concept of ‘small is beautiful’ and opposing the super-rich bankers.

As with many political ideologies, National Liberalism is definitely for export!  The site features a couple of fascinating reports on the development of National Liberal thought and organization in both Austria and Turkey. The BZO (Alliance for Future of Austria) was formed in 2005 by ex-members of the nationalist FPO (Freedom Party) which was led by the populist but controversial Joerg Haider.  In Turkey, Ozgur Karakok launched a ‘National Liberal Project’ in 2007 to discuss and promote national liberal ideas via cyberspace.

We noted –above – that it could be argued “that the NLP are the heirs to the Liberal Nationals/National Liberals.” The NLP seem to be reinforcing this link with the past by featuring a ‘mini-series’ looking at National Liberal figures in history.  These include Orla Lehmann (3), Earnest Brown (4) Otto Fischbeck (5) and Leslie Hoare-Belisha (6).

This is proving to be a fascinating series of articles.  It’s particularly refreshing to read of so many – previously unheard of – figures, their ideas and beliefs

The National Liberal Party has also been deeply involved – along with the United Peoples Party (7) – in the formation of the Peoples Alliance (UK) (8).  According to the NLP:

“We believe that no small party can ‘take power’ against an entrenched establishment with money to burn. We don’t even believe that one party can appeal to all sections of society. We do believe however that if groups co-operate in favour of matters of mutual concern e.g. electoral reform, referenda, free speech, national Independence etc then we all benefit.

Ultimately we believe only an ‘Alliance of the Good’ can get down to the business of influencing/changing our lives for the better. We have stated as (national) Liberals our support for co-operative bodies and electoral coalitions on a number of occasions.”

The Peoples Alliance (UK) launched its first political campaign towards the end of last year (9).  Entitled ‘CROSS YOUR FINGERS’ it’s calling upon the British electorate to vote YES to the forthcoming referendum (May 2011) on introducing the Alternative Vote (AV) at future Parliamentary elections.

The Third Way Think Tank will be providing both an update on the UPP and an in-depth look at the PA (UK) in the near future – so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Future NLP initiatives include the formation of a political Foundation “dedicated to researching and promoting the tenants of National Liberalism” and the publication of New Horizon.  This e-magazine will “dissect the philosophy behind National Liberalism, discuss the national liberal credential of world figures, engage in political debate and promote policy ideas.”

Once again, we hope to provide more information about these initiatives in the near future.

As we have noted on several occasions, the main focus of the Third Way Think Tank is on ideas. For obvious reasons, we’re particularly interested in any group or individual that takes a general ‘Neither Left nor Right’ position. However, labels or perceptions are of no real interest to us. On saying that, we try to avoid the dogmatists and control freaks of both the left and right like the plague!

With this in mind we also took a reasonably in-depth look at the National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) (10).

The National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) was formed in mid-September (2010).  It declares itself “For the Community Against the State!” Its chief Ideologue in Britain is Mr. Troy Southgate from South London.  He states that “National-Anarchism essentially transcends the Left-Right spectrum, concluding that both epithets are simply convenient terms for the political establishment.”

Mr. Southgate has also noted that National-Anarchism does “not emanate from the Left” nor does it “come from the Right.”

The National-Anarchist Movement seemed to be happy with our comments, as they posted our complete review on their site. (11)

The N-AM site has also been updated since our last visit.  There’s some really interesting and thought-provoking stuff here.  In particular, look out for Dark Green Romanticism (an article by the Tasmanian National-Anarchists) and Introducing: NATA-NY an article about the formation of the National Anarchist Tribal Alliance – New York (NATA-NY).

Many people have a stereotypical view of anarchists of being worthless unwashed drifters, nihilists who are only interested in causing trouble whilst trying to destroy the state.  The above articles will definitely make them think again.

In our initial review of the National Anarchist site we noted that N-AM intended “to launch a magazine, intriguingly called Tribal Resonance.”  Edited by Troy Southgate, issue one provides a reasonably in-depth introduction to the idea of National Anarchism and the N-AM itself.  It covers subjects such as The Failure of the Left, Racial Separatism, Economic Autarky and Revolution.

At first glance it looks pretty radical in tone and content.  There seems to be some thought-provoking ideas – for instance, those concerning Alternative Education and Defence. 3W has managed to obtain a review copy, so look out for our in-depth review, which’ll be appearing soon.

For those who can’t wait, a four-issue subscription to Tribal Resonance costs just £12 in the UK, 20 Euros in Europe and US$30 in the rest of the world.  You can pay quickly and efficiently by sending your subscription to N-AMs Paypal address at arktoslondon@yahoo.co.uk.  All subscription rates include p&p.


NOTE:  The Third Way Think Tank is interested in co-operating with all groups and individuals who are working towards broadly similar goals to ourselves.

3W is dedicated to creating a society based on Justice, Community and Individual freedom against one that is based on Greed, Globalisation and Tyranny.”

If you belong to – or know of – any organisation that fits the bill, please contact us today.  E-mail: thirdwaycentre@aol.com

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