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A look at Albion Awake

IN NOVEMBER of last year the Third Way Think Tank took a very brief look at English Green.  Interested in the convergence between a progressive radical patriotism and enviromentalism/deep ecology, it campaigns for “decentralisation, historical regionalism and devolution towards a britannic confederation of free peoples and sovereign provinces, libertarian, tribal and traditionalist.”

In the course of our report, we mentioned that one of those involved in English Green is Wayne Sturgeon.  Wayne is also involved with Albion Awake, which describes itself as the “Libertarian Nationalist Alternative.”   It also notes that it is fighting “for Sovereignty, Identity and National Ecology” and that it seeks to “build a network organization of likeminded people.”

The Albion Awake website – www.albionawake.tk – is a real eye-opener.  It’s clear, youthful looking and very informative.

Albion Awake defines Libertarian Nationalism as being based on Sovereignty, Ecology and Identity.  Interestingly, it defines a libertarian as “an anarchist who believes in government and the rule of law”.  It goes on to note that “the best government is the government that governs the least!”

It goes to some lengths to distinguish between the ‘nation’ and ‘the state’.  It rejects both the “foreign domination of the bilderberg EU superstate and the internal authoritarianism of “the empire of the city – the square mile – Westminster union” and the one world governmental new world order”.

In its place, Albion Awake would like to see “a decentralised folkish communalism based on inclusive indigenism”.  To achieve this, the site advocates “lawful rebellion,” non-violent direct action, civil disobedience and survivalism.

Like many groups that the Third Way Think Tank is interested in, Albion Awake can also be described as taking a position that’s neither Left nor Right, neither capitalist nor communist.

The site also includes several in-depth essays by Wayne Sturgeon.  They provide a deeper understanding of the ideology of – and the influences behind – Albion Awake.  Essays include The Anarch vs The Anarchist, Anarcho-Nationalism, Anarchist Integralism and the Conservative Revolution, Anarcho-Monarchism, Anarcho-Corporatism, and Anarcho National Syndicalist.

Even a very brief look at these essays will indicate that there are some really thought-provoking ideas here.  As such, each of them deserves an equally in-depth article to analyse them.  This is something that we hopefully aim to do in due course.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with a series of statements (entitled Libertarian Nationalism is …) that appear on the site.  We feel that they best sum up the free-thinking non-dogmatic style of Albion Awake:

Nationalist but not Statist,
Socialist but not Marxist,
Mutualist but not Communist,
Minarchist but not Anarchist,
Libertarian but not Capitalist,
Integralist but not Fascist,
Identitarian but not Racist,
Ethnicist but not Racial,
Tribal but not Separatist,
Ecological but not Primivitist,
Non Violent but not Pacifist,
Liberal but not PC,
Decentralist not Centralist,
Revolutionary but not Insurrectionist,
Distributionist but not Equalitarian,
Internationalist but not Globalist,
Regionalist but not EU Federalist,
Multiracial but not Multicultural
Individualist but not Egotist,
Aristocratic but not Elitist.
Traditionalist but not Reactionary,
Conservative but not Tory,
Monarchist but not Imperialist,
Spiritual but not Religious.

NOTE:  AS we’ve noted before, the Third Way Think Tank is interested in co-operating with all groups and individuals who are working towards broadly similar goals to ourselves.

3W is dedicated to “creating a society based on Justice, Community and Individual freedom against one that is based on Greed, Globalisation and Tyranny.”

If you belong to – or know of – any organisation or individual that fits the bill, please contact us today.  E-mail: thirdwaycentre@aol.com

Also, keep your eyes peeled for our forthcoming update on English Green.  In the meantime, why not check out their Facebook Page.


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