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The St. Edmund Association

THE St. Edmund Association – SEA – is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting St. Edmund as the true patron saint of England.

The SEA argue that St. Edmund the Martyr was England’s original saint and that his memory was effectively wiped out by the Normans.  They say that the Normans “set about the cultural cleansing of everything English” and thus removed “obvious signs of all Angle, Jutish and Saxon cultural influence” and replaced them with “something more in line with their own culture, destroying many of our English customs and traditions.”

They note that St. George had never been to England and “originated in the Papal/Norman Crusades.”

So instead of celebrating St. George’s Day later this month – on April 23 – they advocate that England celebrates St. Edmund’s Day on 20 November.

The SEA web-site provides several interesting links which provide more information about St. Edmund.  They also have a Facebook page and hope to build a network of supporters who can promote the cause of St. Edmund.

At the moment they are looking for volunteers to come forward to become Regional Co-ordinators and local regional contacts.  The idea is that they will “be a local contact people can get in touch with, discuss ideas, meet & develop a local plan for promoting St Edmund & English heritage, culture and identity.”

As we’ve noted many times the Third Way Think Tank is dedicated to creating a society based on Justice, Community and Individual freedom against one that is based on Greed, Globalisation and Tyranny.  As such, we’re always very interested to hear of various cultural initiatives.

The St. Edmund Association says that “England needs a radical cultural community organisation” and it’s a sentiment that we agree wholly with.  We wish them well in their educational and cultural work.


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