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Keep Britain out of foreign wars – 3W


Sinister flag of Islamic terrorist group Isis.

MPs have again voted to involve our country in a foreign war. This is despite the clear failure of other foreign adventures. The public is beign told to prepare itself for civilian casualties, radicalisation of segments of our large Muslim population and rising numbers of refugees after MPs backed air strikes in Syria last night despite growing opposition and unease.

Prime Minister David Cameron has dragged Britain into a fourth military intervention in 15 years with the help of the Lib Dems and some Labour MPs.

His emergency motion to extend British air strikes from Iraq to Syria to target Isis gained the support of 397 MPs — 67 of them Labour — while 223 voted No.

Senior back-bench Tories, such as foreign affairs select committee member John Baron and defence select committee chairman Julian Lewis voted No.

“Too many aircraft are already chasing too few targets,” warned Mr Baron.

They were among 110 MPs from six different parties who signed up to a wrecking amendment against air strikes yesterday morning, which pointed out that 10 countries are already bombing Syria.

The amendment was defeated 390-211.

Pat Harrington of the Third Way think-tank commented: “Third Way has long argued for armed neutrality for the UK. Events reinforce our view everyday. We should not be bombing in Iraq or Syria. The British Armed Forces should not be sent into foreign conflicts – they should defend our Homeland only.”


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