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Turkey attacks Kurds in Syria


The Kurdish YPG bravely fights both Turkey and IS for self-determination for the Kurdish people

Arrogant Turkey has refused to stop attacks on the YPG, a Syrian Kurdish militia, and says that it will never negotiate with a “terrorist” organisation.

The YPG’s Jarabulus military council said on Tuesday that it had agreed to a truce after consultations with the US-led coalition — allied to both the Turkish and YPG forces.

But Turkey’s EU Affairs Minister Omer Celik said: “Turkey is a sovereign state … a legitimate state.”

“To suggest it is on a par with a terrorist organisation and suggest there are talks between them, that a deal has been reached between them, this is unacceptable.”

Turkey considers the YPG to be an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) — a group striving for an independent Kurdish state in Turkey — which Ankara has declared a terrorist organisation.

The YPG responded that the US-mediated ceasefire was only “temporary.”

In Tehran, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi called Turkey’s week-long violation of Syrian sovereignty “unacceptable.”

“Although the fight against terrorism… is a principle for all peace-seeking governments, it cannot and must not justify military operations on another country’s territory without coordination with its central government,” he said.

Turkey crossed the border into Syria last week to help the rebel Free Syria Army recapture the town of Jarablus from Isis.

However Turkish forces have aslo targeted YPG forces, demanding that the Kurdish militia move to the east of the Euphrates river.


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