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Does the US still want Syrian regime change?


Unlike Obama, President Trump doesn’t support regime change in Syria

The U.S. under the former President Obama has always wanted to impose Syrian regime change, insisting that the Syrian people should not be allowed to vote for Bashar al-Assad in any elections for Syria’s presidency.

Obama’s position on Syria is incredibly hypocritical and puzzling.

Russia, Iran and Turkey – countries involved in recent peace talks – all agree that a future Syria should remain secular.

U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been adamant that Al Nursa and other Jihadist groups are not protected from airstrikes and given aid.

The Obama administration has every step of the way been opposed to the secular Syrian government forces, instead favouring rebel forces that make no secret of wanting to impose their misinterpretation of Islam on Syrians of other faiths or none, and even Muslims who differ in the interpretion of the words of the Prophet.

The Syrian representative to the peace talks, Bashar al-Jaafari, said: “For our part, we insisted on the issue of secularism being one of the features of the coming Syrian state that Syrians will agree upon, and our Iranian and Russian friends agreed to that; only the Turkish delegation and the armed groups’ delegation rejected that.”

Saudi Arabia donated large amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation, yet Obama has accused Russia of influencing the U.S. administration in one breath, then abusing its position in an attempt to impose regime change in Syria.

Awash with Saudi money, Obama and Hillary Clinton are trying to convince the world that they are the vanguard of religious freedoms. In fact they are the enemy of national and religious freedom who support a model of the world in which globalists impose their views and values – a twisted neo-colonialism. Here at 3W we’ve always opposed the Salafist nutters whilst distinguishing between them and other more thoughtful and positive interpretations of Islam. We’ve also made it clear that if an alliance of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria wipe them out all power to them is our position.

It is hard to see how President Trump could do worse than his predecessor, though it will be interesting to see if he can square his alliance with Israel and hostility to Iran, with peace in Syria. Interesting times.


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