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Labour warned by Trade Unionists on Second Vote

euroandunionflagBacking another referendum on European Union membership could “derail Labour’s chances more than any other campaign,” Trade Unionists Against the EU (TUAEU) has warned.

On October 20 the Conservative Party conference opens in Birmingham and supporters of the misnamed “People’s Vote” will be on the streets in large numbers.

Another Europe is Possible which supports EU bosses says it is going to make an “intervention” on October 20 to give the pro-EU demo a “radical edge, with a sea of red flags, radical placards and banners, flares and an anti-Establishment tone.”

This spin is intended to appeal to large numbers of trade unionists, Labour Party members and Greens and fool them into thinking that support for the EU is ‘radical’! They were encouraged by what they termed a “major shift” in Labour policy which saw the party endorse the option of a second vote.

However, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has made it clear that the aim was to “get the best Brexit deal for jobs and living standards to underpin our plans to upgrade the economy and invest in every community and region,” with a general election rather than a second referendum the priority.

TUAEU spokesman Doug Nicholls said the attempt to give the anti-Brexit movement an anti-Establishment character was “confused and reactionary.”

“The organisers misunderstand the Labour Party position, which is to seek a general election.

“The multinational corporations and unelected commissioners who run the EU will no doubt feel emboldened by news that they’ve convinced people to take up their cause and call it left wing.”

A Third Way spokesperson, commented: “People should understand that EU rules would be used to hamstring and hamper future Labour attempts to intervene in our economy. The Tories are already trying to write things into an agreement with the EU that will make it difficult for Labour to deliver on their promises to our people. The call for a second vote is just an attempt to reverse the first.”


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