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Third Way back Police Federation calls for protest restrictions


The Police Federation has called for a temporary ban on demonstrations during the Pandemic after officers were attacked at recent rival protests

Third Way is backing the call by ordinary police officers to place a blanket ban on protests during the pandemic.

The Police Federation of England & Wales asked Home Secretary Priti Patel to take action after officers were injured by those demonstrating against what they saw as attacks on British identity and history on Saturday.

A number were also injured in protests organised by Black Lives Matter (BLM) the previous weekend prompted by the police killing of George Floyd in the United States.

Police Federation chairman John Apter said:

Federation chairman John Apter said: “In normal times the principle of having the right to peaceful protests is an important one. However, we are not in normal times, we are tackling a deadly virus which is indiscriminate in who it can affect.”

“Police officers have provided outstanding professionalism in their dealings with large gatherings during Covid-19 – some of which turned violent at the weekend.”

“But we can’t ignore the avoidable risk our members and to those attending the protests are being exposed to. I urge the Home Secretary to be unequivocal in her terms that whilst we are under the threat of this virus, any large gathering or protest must be banned.”

“We cannot allow our police officers and members of the public to be put at risk of contracting the virus, especially at such a critical time in our response to the pandemic.”


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