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We will never call Blair ‘Sir’

It shows the decency of the British people that over a million have thrown their weight behind a petition to have Sir Tony Blair stripped of his knighthood.

The former Prime Minister was made a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter in the UKs antiquated honours system.

People are calling for the honour to be removed on petitions site Change.org asserting that the former Labour PM’s decision to go to war in Iraq makes him unsuitable.

The petition’s starter, Angus Scott, said on Thursday: “Families of soldiers who died in both Iraq and Afghanistan are pleading for their message to be heard by both the Government and the Palace.

“These families have not only had to suffer the devastation of losing a loved one, but are now suffering the distress of witnessing the man responsible for their loved-one’s death being publicly honoured.”

Of course it’s likely that our corrupt establishment will ignore the mounting public anger at this award. They love warmongers. One thing is certain though – no one can make the people call anyone ‘Sir’. Blair deserves nothing but contempt.

You can sign the petition here.


One thought on “We will never call Blair ‘Sir’

  1. Blair needs to be tried in a courtroom the honours system and the royalty need to be retired

    Posted by Adam | January 10, 2022, 1:05 pm

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