Trade Union rights

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Union attacks “anti-worker” UKIP

The Solidarity Trade Union has launched a withering attack on the UK Independence Party (UKIP). UKIP are accused by the Union of wanting to victimise workers by scrapping legislation protecting working hours, holidays, overtime, redundancy and sick pay. The Union claims that UKIP want to undermine the NHS and sneak in privatisation. They say that … Continue reading

Sita Suez attack Union rights

Three members of the autonomous Nationalist Union Solidarity have been suspended from work. In an outrageous attack on Union rights waste disposal specialists Sita Suez suspended them simply on account of their Union membership. The action by the bosses followed a smear campaign by the Unite union. An email from Unite to the bosses made … Continue reading

Solidarity Trade Union

Solidarity is a Trade Union that stands up for British Workers. It welcomes members from all trades and professions. It refuses to vet members on political grounds and opposes discrimination by employers. It opposes non-unionised migrant labour and offshoring. Open to all it provides a refreshing Nationalist alternative to the TUC affiliates.

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