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Sita Suez attack Union rights

SITAUK_LOGO@largeThree members of the autonomous Nationalist Union Solidarity have been suspended from work. In an outrageous attack on Union rights waste disposal specialists Sita Suez suspended them simply on account of their Union membership. The action by the bosses followed a smear campaign by the Unite union. An email from Unite to the bosses made a number of very serious and defamatory allegations against Solidarity. Additionally there appears to be the implied threat that the business interests of Sita Suez would suffer if they did not take action against members of Solidarity.

Sita Suez should be aware that everyone in the UK has the right to join a Trade Union. People are free to join any union. Discrimination against or harassment of a worker because of his or her membership or non-membership of a Trade Union is treated very seriously by the Courts (and rightly so). Solidarity is registered as a Union and as such is provided with the same legal protection in this regard as any other Union. If someone chooses to leave Unite and join Solidarity that is a matter between the member concerned, Solidarity and Unite. It is no business of of Sita Suez as an employer. That Unite has sought to involve the Bosses in this matter shames them.

Solidarity opposes any discrimination by employers based on political or religious belief. Just as they oppose discrimination on other grounds such as race or sexuality. They are one of the few Unions to take a genuinely libetarian stance. They stand for freedom and against the New McCarthyism. Solidarity membership costs only £5 a month – far less than most Unions. It has a network of genuine people working hard to fight for the rights of ordinary people. All genuine liberals and progressives should support their important work.

Solidarity and Civil Liberty also work very closely together. Solidarity General Secretary, Pat Harrington said:-

“We appreciate the support of Civil Liberty. It is helping us fight politically motivated discrimination in the workplace. I urge you to sign our online petition and contact Sita Suez with a polite complaint. If you can I would also like you to donate to Civil Liberty. They are in the frontline of helping those who are suffering these modern-day witch-hunts. Please help them so they can help others.”

Sign the online petition and defend the rights of the ‘Willenhall 3’.

Call or fax Simon at Sita and politely inform him that we live in a democracy that upholds the rights of Trade Unionists. Tell him he needs to turn from his foolish behaviour and make amends.

  • Firm: Sita Suez
  • Contact: Simon Guest
  • Telephone: 01902 604450
  • Fax: 01902 730819
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