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May Day is reclaimed by Solidarity


The nationalist Trade Union Solidarity is calling upon its members not only to join in the traditional May Day celebrations but also to mark the ‘Authentic’ date rather than just the Public holiday.

‘Workers Day’ has its roots in the 19th century demand for an eight hour working day. As  Pat Harrington, Solidarity General Secretary, says “Since British workers find their pay and working conditions eroded under renewed and relentless pressure from ruthless employers and cheap non-unionised migrant labour; the need for a militant patriotic union to fight their case has never been stronger. Other Unions heavily connected to the Government may try to avoid these issues but we will not. May Day is truly our day“.

Ever since May Day has become a public holiday the day has changed each year to coincide with the nearest Monday. May 1st (this year on a Thursday) however is the authentic day for celebrating the traditional ‘First day of Summer’ and ‘Workers Day’.

Authentic May Day will be celebrated by Solidarity members throughout the UK on May 1st which will include leafleting and public stalls explaining the ‘days’ significance for British workers.

View the web version of the May Day leaflet.


One thought on “May Day is reclaimed by Solidarity

  1. Thank you for seening what I see. I am always amazed at the “social justice” that eludes many union campaigns.

    Posted by Johnny | February 9, 2012, 9:06 am

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