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ID Cards Will be abused

id_card1_gallery__502x329,0The Home Office Affairs Select Committee’s report that compulsory ID Cards could threaten U.K citizens privacy is both timely and pertinent.

There has been a move towards a ‘surveillance society’ over the last few years and the Committee’s concern revolves around the potential for the scheme to be used to store even greater, and unlicensed, personal information.

The loss of personal data by Government agencies last year shows how this could be abused and the retention of innocent citizen’s DNA by Police forces is an example of what the Committee calls ‘function creep’.

The National Liberal Party is concerned that we are ‘sleepwalking’ into a surveillance society and this report coincides with the release of a very apt video on just this problem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5wt5j-iLyw. The video calls upon concerned citizen’s to pledge a mass donation on Magna Carta Day* next Sunday (June 15th) http://www.15thjunemagnacarta.org.

NLP National Secretary, David Durant says “Our liberties are under threat because the Government’s obsession with surveillance, post 9/11 & 7/7, will inevitably lead to abuses and mistakes. National ID Cards will be used to gather more and more information on innocent citizens. We must resist their introduction before it’s too late”.


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