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prison_bars2The Government’s proposals  to extend detention without trial from 28 to 42 days has been condemned by the new National Liberal Party (NLP).
Party Spokesperson David Durant said “The Home Secretary has admitted that there has not been a single case that would have benefited from such an extension. The suggestion that it would only be used in ‘extreme’ circumstances is not credible.
If evidence against a suspect cannot be found within 28 days the Police have nothing to lose by keeping them under lock in key on the off-chance they may turn something up. The suspect however will suffer fear, mental anguish, family worry, shame and possibly loss of job and standing”.
He went on:- “We support the statement reportedly made by Labour MP John Grogan that “We should not give up lightly liberties which have been taken centuries to establish”.
Ironically, the National Liberal Party are running a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5wt5j-iLyw highlighting the increasing loss of liberties, including detention without trial.
They are asking supporters to give a donation on June 15th (Magna Carta Day) to make Liberty a General Election issue.


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