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Support for small traders

logo_fwdFor the fifth year running the Federation of Wholesale Distributors has run a My Shop is Your Shop campaign. The aim of the campaign is to promote the value to the community of the independent community store, newsagent and rural shop. Originally launched as a day of action its success meant it was expanded into a full National Independents Week.  In its second year the National Liberal Party was proud to support the 2008 campaign (2nd – 8th.June). Leaflets and other material were distributed around the Country and stalls manned.

Support for small businesses, particularly the small and/or local trader, is one of the NLP’s core economic policies. Not only are such businesses still one of the backbones of British industry they are central to the survival of small community centres. These centres in turn are crucial to the maintenance of a ‘Community Spirit’ and its’ positive virtue to an area. We urge all members, supporters and sympathisers to promote Shop Local campaigns all-year round.


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