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English Green

WE’VE just heard about a recently-formed group called English Green. It is interested in the convergence between a progressive radical patriotism and enviromentalism/deep ecology. English Green believes in “decentralisation, historical regionalism and devolution towards a britannic confederation of free peoples and sovereign provinces, libertarian, tribal and traditionalist.”

English Green is the brainchild of Wayne Sturgeon [see comment below – in fact of Tim Bragg – Ed.] of Alternative Green – a radical magazine campaigning for localization, ecology and English identity. (Some readers may recall that Mr. Sturgeon conducted an interview with the Third Way’s Pat Harrington a couple of years ago).

We understand that English Green are currently producing an introductory leaflet. We hope to bring you further news about this in due course.

The Third Way Think-Tank wishes English Green well. Their call for a form of English nationalism combined with ecological awareness could prove to be a very powerful – and attractive – message.

To find out more about English Green visit their Facebook Page:

Wayne Sturgeon is also involved with Albion Awake, which describes itself as the “Libertarian Nationalist Alternative.” Albion Awake fights for sovereignty, identity and national ecology.

To find out more, visit


3 thoughts on “English Green

  1. Two messages actually, punative green legislation and regionalisation (Balkanisation) of England, they may be attractive messages to some but not all. 68% of English nationals want an English Parliament, filled with English elected representatives working on behalf of the English people.

    Posted by Patrick Harris | November 18, 2010, 11:42 am
    • so does English Green want an english parliament! Of course!-Please dont misunderstand-its NOT a case of EITHER OR but BOTH/AND A federal uk with devolved parliaments,the house of lords could work as a british senate,the monarch as a symbal of unity similar to the pope in catholcism. We can have our cake and eat it.(independence and union)Certainly not in favour of punative “green” legislation! Dont be so knee jerk! I dont even believe in global warming,please google “ian crane” on youtube.Your tarring every “green” with the same brush.

      Posted by wayne john sturgeon | November 19, 2010, 12:06 am
  2. Just for the record (and I hope Wayne won’t mind me mentioning this!) but English Green was created by me. Normally I’d let this go – but as it’s a matter of fact….

    Posted by TP Bragg | January 24, 2011, 7:23 pm

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