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Oppose the increase in student fees!

THE National Liberal party has launched an on-line petition.  It’s in opposition to an increase in student tuition fees.  It also seeks to put pressure on Deputy Prime Minister – and Lib Dem leader – Nick Clegg.

The petition notes that “Nick Clegg and other Liberal Democrats sought to gain votes by signing up to an National Union of Students pledge not to increase English student tuition fees. We condemn his U-turn after becoming part of the Coalition Government.

We call upon Nick Clegg to honour a long standing Liberal pledge not to raise tuition fees and to vote against them as a matter of principal as allowed for in Coalition rules.”

The 3W doesn’t know how many of our readers have youngsters in higher education – or who hope their children will go on university – but things are looking bleak if the Con-Dem government gets its way.

As usual, it’ll probably be ordinary working families who’ll get the rough end of the stick.

So why not sign the petition?  You can find it here:



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