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E-Posters – a new form of alternative media?

AT the start of November, we noted that the folks behind Liveable Nation had started “an innovative campaign to keep the publication in the public eye. This campaign will consist of e-posters featuring dramatic photographs and artwork.” Their first e-poster was very simple and basic – but it did the job. A brief message invited … Continue reading

Two Out of Four Ain’t Bad!

EARLY last month our article We Heard It On The Grapevine … predicted some future developments that would take place within the broad patriotic and anti-Establishment family (1). First of all, we noted that the folks behind Liveable Nation – the ‘Newsletter and Think-Tank of Progressive Nationalism’ – would be launching an innovative campaign to … Continue reading

NLP backed candidate wins seat

An independent candidate backed by the National Liberal Party (NLP) has won a Council seat.  Michael Burton topped the poll with 661 votes. His closest rival came a comfortable margin behind. The NLP and Third Way were criticised by ‘Nutzis’ and extremists for backing Michael just because he is black. To be fair, the BNP itself … Continue reading

NLP backs Indpendent for South Hornchurch

The councillor for South Hornchurch in Havering recently passed away. Representing the RA’s he was a genuine ‘People’s Champion’ devoting his whole life in service to the community but his sad death has of course generated a vacancy. A by-election has been called (by persons presently unknown – on the day of his funeral!) for … Continue reading

National Independents Week

The Federation of Wholesale Distributors, as part of the all-year round MY SHOP IS YOUR SHOP The campaign is based on the positive values of the owner-managed local shop and his/her unique interface with the local community, where the owner lives “over the shop” and shares the daily life of his neighbourhood. It aims to … Continue reading

Cllr. Jeff Tucker Appeals To RA's

Councillor Jeffrey Tucker, Group Leader of the Independent Residents on Havering Council, has endorsed the National Liberal Party candidate David Durant in Havering’s forthcoming Gooshays By-election (March 20th). In a specially produced leaflet for the ward Councillor Tucker says to local voters “David Durant has supported me and my group in fighting to protect the … Continue reading

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