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E-Posters – a new form of alternative media?

AT the start of November, we noted that the folks behind Liveable Nation had started “an innovative campaign to keep the publication in the public eye. This campaign will consist of e-posters featuring dramatic photographs and artwork.”

Their first e-poster was very simple and basic – but it did the job. A brief message invited the public to ‘Just Google ‘Liveable Nation’ and Click!”

The Third Way Think Tank congratulated LN on this initiative and went on to note that we “believe that they’re the first group to use an e-poster to advertise an e-publication.” We also said that they wouldn’t be last!

The NLP’s stunning ‘pre-publication’ e-poster

The NLP’s stunning ‘pre-publication’ e-poster

New e-poster promoting Liveable Nation uses the flag of Devon as its backdrop

Once again, another one of our predictions has been bang on the money. For both the folks at Liveable Nation and the National Liberal Party have produced e-posters! The issue of LN being promoted looked at Ecology, Localism, Politics and Trade Unionism. The article on Localism spotlighted the South Devon People’s Alliance, thus this e-poster features the striking Green, White and Black flag of Devon. As can be seen, this new e-poster is very eye-catching. It’s very direct and straight to the point. The use of the flag of Devon should also raise awareness of Saint Petrock, the Patron Saint of Devon.

In our article Two Out of Four Ain’t Bad! (of 20 November 2011) we also noted that the National Liberal Party would be launching issue 1 of New Horizon – their ideological publication – “using cutting-edge promotional tools.”

The NLP have started this process by producing a ‘pre-publication’ e-poster. It is absolutely stunning. It represents one of the best posters – political or otherwise – that we’ve seen in a very long time.

From the NLP’s web-site (1) we understand that New Horizon will be out soon and that they’ll be using other innovative ideas to promote it.

We welcome the appearance of these e-posters and feel that they have great potential. Many people still enjoy in-depth, informed, political debate. Sadly, however, vast numbers ‘just don’t have the time’ and simply rely on visuals and sound bites to obtain their news and views.

Whether ‘in your face’ (like the LN Devon flag example) or slightly more subtle (like the New Horizon example) these e-posters could play a vital part in the promotion of alternative ideas and publications. Given time, they may even be able to compete with the establishment media in the fight for the hearts and minds of our people – even the ‘busy’ ones!

Used via social networking sites, these e-posters can be viraled out across the world with the click of a mouse. Are we looking at the birth of a new form of alternative media?

(1) http://nationalliberal.org/?p=3372


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