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Two Out of Four Ain’t Bad!

EARLY last month our article We Heard It On The Grapevine … predicted some future developments that would take place within the broad patriotic and anti-Establishment family (1).

First of all, we noted that the folks behind Liveable Nation – the ‘Newsletter and Think-Tank of Progressive Nationalism’ – would be launching an innovative campaign to keep the publication in the public eye. This campaign will consist of e-posters featuring dramatic photographs and artwork.

The latest issue of Fourth World Review is out now!

Secondly, we said that the National Liberal Party hoped to get issue 1 of their ideological publication, New Horizon, out either late October “or early November”. Additionally, the NLP were planning to launch NH using cutting-edge promotional tools.

Thirdly, we reported that this month would see a brand new issue of the long-running publication, Fourth World Review. A pre-publication leaflet seen by the Third Way Think Tank noted that issue 153 would contain four in-depth interviews and an article looking at small ‘captive nations’.

Our last prediction concerned the production of a street version of British Worker, the publication of Solidarity Trade Union. Issue 5 is going to be more ‘agit-prop’ in tone and would be “launched sometime in the future”.

We’re happy to report that – to date – two of our predictions have been spot on!

On November 3 the folks behind Liveable Nation launched their first e-poster. Although it’s very basic, this first e-poster is eye-catching. It simply invites readers to “Just Google ‘Liveable Nation’ and Click!” Other e-posters are planned.

We were also able to speak to a spokeswoman for LN who told us:
“We’re very happy with the way issue 2 turned out. It sets out our stall nicely. The e-zine notes that Progressive Nationalism is a nationalism based on equality, popular sovereignty and national self-determination. Therefore, Progressive Nationalism rejects the dehumanising materialist doctrines of capitalism and communism – which we view as two sides of the same coin – as well as racism, imperialism, fascism and war.
However, there are hundreds of political magazines out there, so we constantly need to remind people that we exist. We also need to promote Progressive Nationalist ideals. The production of this first e-poster is part of that strategy”
. (2)

The Third Way Think Tank would like to congratulate LN on this initiative. We believe that they’re the first group to use an e-poster to advertise an e-publication. We’re sure that they’ll not be the last!

Whilst on the theme of Progressive Nationalism, we hope to feature a reasonably in-depth interview with someone from LN in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

Our other successful prediction concerned the publication of Fourth World Review. 4WR has been re-launched on the basis of its founding editorial policy. John Papworth – its founder and former Editor – is now serving as an Editorial Board member. The new joint editors are Wayne John Sturgeon and Graham Williamson.

They have agreed to host this new issue to prevent it being lost to history. They regard the threat of globalisation – which leads to the centralisation of power – as a threat to the belief that ‘small is beautiful’ and the ideas contained within 4WR are now required more than ever!

Issue 153 is the first in over a year – but the worth was certainly well worth it! 4WR is now produced as an e-zine. A web-site, and internet-based TV and radio stations are also planned.

We’ll hope to have more information on 4WR soon. In the meantime, for a FREE pdf copy just e-mail John Papworth at papworthjohn@yahoo.co.uk

That’s two predictions correct – and two to go!

We’re still waiting upon word about issue 1 of the National Liberal Party’s New Horizon and issue 5 of Solidarity Trade Union’s British Worker. Whilst on the subject of the NLP, we understand that they’re also thinking of producing a – as yet untitled – ‘street paper’ to complement the more ideological and theoretical NH. As soon as we hear any news about these publications we’ll let you know.

(1) http://thirdway.eu/2011/10/05/we-heard-it-on-the-grapevine-%E2%80%A6/

(2) http://thirdway.eu/2011/11/03/progressive-nationalists-launch-innovative-e-campaign/


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