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Devon Worker, Katharine Birbalsingh and a Solidarity Educational Trust?

THE THIRD WAY THINK TANK welcomes the recent publication of Devon Worker ‘the voice of Solidarity Trade Union in Devon’. Devon Worker represents the first – in what promises to be a whole raft – of national, regional and trade-based publications. According to the Solidarity web-site, other agitprop publications are in the pipeline: “It’s looking … Continue reading

New issue of British Worker out Now!

THE LATEST issue of British Worker – the paper of Solidarity Trade Union – is out now! As we’ve previously noted (see our articles We Heard it on the Grapevine … of 5 October 2010 and Two Out of Four Ain’t Bad! Of 20 November 2010) it’s now produced as a street version and is … Continue reading

Two Out of Four Ain’t Bad!

EARLY last month our article We Heard It On The Grapevine … predicted some future developments that would take place within the broad patriotic and anti-Establishment family (1). First of all, we noted that the folks behind Liveable Nation – the ‘Newsletter and Think-Tank of Progressive Nationalism’ – would be launching an innovative campaign to … Continue reading

NLP and STU condemn attack on rights of employees

THE Third Way Think-Tank is dedicated to creating a society based on Justice, Community and Individual freedom against one that is based on Greed, Globalisation and Tyranny. We also support organisations that promote these ideals in other areas.  Two of these British-based organisations are the National Liberal Party and Solidarity Trade Union. Both have recently … Continue reading

British Worker No. 3

British Worker No. 3 is now available. It is the magazine of the UK Trade Union Solidarity. Solidarity is an inclusive Nationalist Union open to all. British Worker No. 3 –

Dumb and dumber – Labour and Tories on cuts

The depressing NuLab conference promised cuts in public services and sought to ensure those with little paid for the bankers’ crisis. Now the Tories are bidding to show that they will make ordinary workers pay an even higher price. Shadow chancellor George Osborne made a conference speech focused on public spending cuts, including a one-year … Continue reading

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