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Close fight predicted in Havering

On Maundy Thursday there will be an interesting local election in Gooshays Ward for Havering Borough Council. It will be a close fight between Labour and the British National Party.

In May 2006 just 3.6% separated Labour, the Tories and the BNP, and this time around it looks like being another close-run contest. This time, however, there were three seats up for election in the ward and while Labour and the Tories put up three candidates each, the BNP only fielded one which gave their single candidate advantage.

We think that Labour will win the seat this time.

The National Liberal Party (closest to Third Way views) is standing as are the Liberal Democrats and the United Kingdom Independence Party candidate who polled nearly 400 votes back in May 2006. It is a tough ward for the NLP but David Durant has been campaigning hard on the issue of maintaining council housing.

Here is the full list of candidates

Havering Borough Council
Gooshays Ward
Thursday 20th March 2008
Yve Cornell (Lab)
David Durant (Nat Lib)
Malcolm Fox (Con)
Mark Logan (BNP)
Ian Sanderson(Lib-Dem)
Lawrence Webb (UKIP)


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