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Sita Suez attack Union rights

Three members of the autonomous Nationalist Union Solidarity have been suspended from work. In an outrageous attack on Union rights waste disposal specialists Sita Suez suspended them simply on account of their Union membership. The action by the bosses followed a smear campaign by the Unite union. An email from Unite to the bosses made … Continue reading

Is there a plot to kill Solidarity?

Is there a plot to kill the independent Nationalist Trades Union Solidarity? That is now a question being seriously asked by many political veterans. For the first year of the existence of Solidarity little was done. Former President Clive Potter found reasons not to do things. He failed even to produce a membership card for those enthusiasts … Continue reading

Bureaucratic harassment of Solidarity Union

The following will be announced on the Website of the Certification Office tomorrow – 27 May, 2008. “On 22 May 2008 the Certification Officer appointed Gerard Walker, Assistant Certification Officer, as an Inspector to investigate the financial affairs of the trade union Solidarity. The appointment was made under Section 37B of the Trade Union and … Continue reading

May Day is reclaimed by Solidarity

   The nationalist Trade Union Solidarity is calling upon its members not only to join in the traditional May Day celebrations but also to mark the ‘Authentic’ date rather than just the Public holiday. ‘Workers Day’ has its roots in the 19th century demand for an eight hour working day. As  Pat Harrington, Solidarity General Secretary, says “Since British workers … Continue reading


British Sikh, Pramjit Sadra , has spoken out in favour of the independent nationalist Trade Union Solidarity. He sees it as being the only Union that will protect its’ British members, of whatever colour or background, against cheap migrant labour and off-shoring of jobs. This is his statement:- “As an ordinary working person in Great Britain born … Continue reading

Solidarity Annual Conference

Solidarity the independent Nationalist Union held its second Annual Conference in the Apollo Hotel, Birmingham on Saturday, 23 February, 2008. First on the order of business was the reading and passing the minutes of the previous AGM and the Special Meeting of July 2007  Then General Secretary Patrick Harrington delivered an upbeat assessment  of the Union’s progress … Continue reading

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